DADZ Lightning Sticks start at $19.99 for a box of 10

Enter beast mode

When you're a parent, some days you just...get by. And that's fine. But some days you CRUSH IT, and we're all about getting more of THOSE days.

A Functional beverage for parents

Every parent we know is exhausted. We have kids, so we get it. But is chugging a Red Bull to get through the afternoon the answer? At 40? We think not.

With Lightning Sticks, you can play more, do more, and be there more for your kids

Now you got options

You love coffee? Yea, us too. But sometimes you need a different kind of boost. Lightning Sticks are nootropics and adaptogens, not just caffeine, and they bring you balanced, powerful mental focus.

👨‍🔬 Contains award-winning nootropics & adaptogens previously only available to pro athletes.

🧠 Improves cognitive function within 15 minutes!*

🏄‍♂️ Boosts mood and reduces fatigue*

💀 No added sugar, only 10 calories.

💯 This stuff works. Read the reviews on Amazon.

I am a mom of 5 and me and my husband need a little boost every now and then. These worked well! I felt like I had enough energy without feeling drained and overwhelmed. The best part is that when it wore off I didn't feel the need to crash like other energy supplements.

– The FairFam on Oct 18, 2020

Great energy kick that’s smooth and last throughout the day. Also, a huge focus boost. Best part is I haven’t experienced a crash or let down in the middle of the day due to not being over caffeinated. I think this product hits the sweet spot with energy and focus.

– Mr. P. on July 27, 2020