Co-founded by Max Greenfield and veteran consumer goods entrepreneurs, DADZ is reimagining the family lifestyle through the eyes of a Dad.

We’ve been neck-deep in the trenches - peed on, pooped on, and puked on - and that’s just this morning’s diaper change. But we also know that being a parent is the most important, exciting and straight-up fun challenge that we've ever taken on. And we aim to celebrate and support that.

DADZ is all about fun-loving, healthy, performance-minded products for the young at heart entering their next phase. While we make products for all grownups, we are especially focused on branding and messaging that speaks to the Dad lifestyle.

Because that's who we are, and that's who we care about (brakepads not included).


Embrace Adulting, Celebrate its Awesomeness

Use Plant-Based Ingredients backed by science

Source & Ship Sustainably where possible

Give back to charities and organizations that support families