Consumer Advisory Group

Your opinions are in high demand and this company will pay you to complete short surveys.

The Consumer Advisory Group* is an on-line research group where dads, like you, can freely share their thoughts and views about certain products or services. They offer their panel participants rewards, gift certificates, sweepstakes entries and more for ongoing participation and for providing valued feedback and opinions.

The research data collected will be shared with the affiliates of the Consumer Advisory Group and used to generate investment ideas and strategies. Through your participation in their panels you may help provide insights into:

  • How to improve products that are in the market today,
  • What exciting new products to introduce,
  • How to improve a company’s marketing efforts,
  • What advertising is most effective,
  • What promotions work, or
  • How to improve the overall shopping experience no matter what channel you shop and purchase products and services in.

You must be a registered member of Consumer Advisory Group to participate in their surveys, in home tests, focus groups and other projects.

Membership is free and there is no minimum number of panels that you must participate in to remain a registered member. If you change your mind you can cancel at any time.